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We’re here to take care of you, solve all your cybersecurity challenges and ensure top security, using  the leading digital technology protocols. All to keep your mind at ease. Get peace of mind with our high-level security, expert personnel and the industry-leading technologies we employ. Primarily working within the financial and healthcare verticals, we tailor and construct the perfect personalized security plan for each client’s needs. 


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Managed Detection & Response

Actively detecting and responding to threats by analyzing and investigating —and then mitigating them.

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Managed SOC/SEIM

24×7: Our fully-staffed SOC detects security breaches and irregularities that are pulled in by our SEIM systems.

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Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation

We run full vulnerability scans on your entire network to identify and validate any other remediations that might need to be made.

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Scanning and Remediation

Assisting you in identifying, prioritizing and managing the remediation of flaws that could reveal your most-critical assets.

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Attack Simulations

A resource designed to help users recognize and stop phishing attacks in the cyberspace.

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Attack Simulations and User Education

We perform simulations as a resource to help you and your users recognize phishing attacks — and we provide certified user education based on any confirmed instance.

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Penetration Testing

As part of our testing methodology, we stage an attack to exploit your technology in order to find holes and breaches — and provide ways to mitigate potential threats.

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We help your organization maintain compliance with requirements using standards such as PII, PCI, HIPAA…and many others.

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We provide industry-specific cybersecurity to the healthcare, legal and financial sectors.

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