Managed Security Operation Center (SOC)

Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise and as organizations migrate to the cloud and continue to transition to remove environments their networks are at risk — Cy Op’s Managed Security Operation Center can give your organization access to a trusted team of 24/7 cybersecurity experts without the added costs of hiring and training your own internal security operations center.

Trusted team of 24/7 cybersecurity experts

What Is Managed SOC?

Managed SOC (Security Operations Center) services are a proactive approach to IT security that does the heavy security lifting for your business so you don’t have to. Managed SOC services provide 24/7 monitoring and analysis of your network, systems, applications, and associated data for threats or suspicious activity.

Managed SOC providers are responsible for deploying the necessary technologies and personnel to detect, monitor, analyze, respond to, and mitigate cyber threats that may be present in your IT environment.

The Cost of an In-House SOC Is Expensive!

Traditional in-house SOC requires creating and managing a team of highly trained security professionals, purchasing and regularly updating the necessary hardware and software, and adhering to stringent IT security regulations. 

These costs can range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions depending on the size and complexity of your network infrastructure.

However, managed SOC services with CyOp provide a cost-effective alternative to building an in-house security operations center that acts as an “all-in-one” package and includes the necessary personnel, technology, and services to keep your systems and data safe from cyber threats.

Managed SOC and SIEM
cybersecurity concept with digital lock and shield

The Benefits of Outsourcing Managed SOC Services to CyOp

At CyOp, our managed SOC services provide our customers with end-to-end cybersecurity and compliance solutions. By leveraging our advanced technologies, processes, and expertise, our services reduce the complexity of threat detection and response while also reducing risk. When you partner with us, you get:


  • 24/7 Monitoring: We monitor your network 24/7 for threats, incidents and suspicious activities.
  • Rapid Response: Our team is prepared to respond quickly to any potential threats or malicious activity.
  • Advanced Technologies: We leverage the latest detection and prevention technologies including threat intelligence, endpoint protection, SIEM integration, and more.
  • Technical Expertise: Our services are backed by our team of experienced IT security professionals.
  • Customized Solutions: We tailor solutions to fit the specific needs of your organization.
  • Regular Assessments: Our services also include regular security assessments to ensure that your system remains secure and compliant.

Our Managed Security Operation Center Services

Our services offer our customers peace of mind knowing that their critical systems and data are being monitored and protected 24/7. Our Managed SOC services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer including:

Endpoint Detection and Response

We use advanced endpoint detection and response tools to identify malicious activity on endpoints, including laptops, smartphones, and other devices.

Data Loss Prevention

Our data loss prevention solutions can help you protect your sensitive data from theft and malicious activity. We also offer customized solutions to ensure data is encrypted and securely transmitted.

Security Strategy Consulting

We provide a comprehensive approach to cyber security with strategy consulting and best practices. This can help you develop policies and procedures to better protect your environment.

Incident Response Services

In the event of an incident, we can provide you with expert guidance on how to respond quickly and effectively.

Comprehensive Incident Response Management

Our Managed SOC services also include comprehensive incident response management to ensure that any threats or suspicious activity is dealt with quickly and effectively.

Vulnerability Assessment & Remediation

We use advanced vulnerability assessment and remediation tools to identify any weaknesses in your environment. We can then provide you with the necessary resources to address these issues.

Compliance & Regulatory Requirements

We understand that compliance is critical for your business and include ongoing assessments and reporting to help ensure that your organization meets all relevant regulatory requirements.

Upgrade Your Business Security with Managed SOC with CyOp

Our cybersecurity services are designed to help your organization secure and protect its assets from cyber threats. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about managed SOC services and how they can help keep your business secure and compliant.