Top 9 Cybersecurity Companies in New Jersey

Are you looking for cybersecurity solutions that will protect your business from the alarmingly prevalent risk of cyber threats, but have no idea where to start? There’s so many cybersecurity companies in New Jersey to review and consider – so we’ve decided to make it easy for you.

These are the top 9 cybersecurity companies New Jersey is home to, so take a look and reach out to your ideal partner before cyber threats become cyber-attacks.

CyOp Security The cybersecurity firm in New Jersey

CyOp Security emphasizes being a partner in navigating the complexities of technology. Specializing in the financial and healthcare sectors, they offer tailored security solutions aimed at addressing unique business challenges and ensuring operational protection. Their suite of services includes Managed Detection & Response, Managed Security, Managed SOC, and Cloud Security, among others. 

CyOp Security stands out by integrating advanced technology and offering continuous monitoring, personalized strategies, and collaborative partnerships to enhance their clients’ security posture and compliance.

Xact IT Solutions The cybersecurity firm in New Jersey

Xact IT Solutions specializes in cybersecurity for businesses, focusing on complete protection against various cyber threats. They offer a range of services, including incident response, penetration testing, and consulting. Their approach includes continuous learning and up-to-date strategies to ensure comprehensive security coverage. 

Xact IT Solutions emphasizes the importance of expert guidance, around-the-clock maintenance, and immediate action against threats to maintain business functionality and protect against data breaches.

FCI Cyber The cybersecurity firm in New Jersey

FCI Cyber focuses on reducing breach risks and ensuring compliance through a range of professional cybersecurity services. They conduct non-intrusive cyber safeguard evidencing and scanning without altering network configurations, ensuring security during assessments. Their services include vulnerability scans, penetration testing, system hardening, and compliance support, aiming to safeguard information assets and enhance business operations. 

FCI emphasizes a strategic approach to cybersecurity, aligning it with business strategies through planning, advisory services, and best practices.

KRS IT Consulting The cybersecurity firm in New Jersey

KRS IT Consulting offers a comprehensive cybersecurity package designed to protect businesses in the New Jersey Metro area from cyber threats. They promise 100% ransomware protection with their 24/7 monitoring services, vowing to fix or cover costs in the event of an infection. 

Their solutions are NIST-compliant, focusing on reducing risks, mitigating threats, and ensuring compliance with government and industry standards. This approach aims to provide business owners with peace of mind regarding their network and data security.

NorthStar Technology Services The cybersecurity firm in New Jersey

Based in Moorestown, New Jersey, NorthStar offers a comprehensive examination of a company’s electronic communications and information storage to identify potential vulnerabilities. Their services are designed to enhance productivity, focus on core business activities, predict monthly expenses, and safeguard businesses with robust defenses. 

NorthStar serves companies in central and southern New Jersey as well as Philadelphia, offering customizable, predictable, and affordable cybersecurity solutions.

Ascendant Technologies The cybersecurity firm in New Jersey

Ascendant Technologies offers cybersecurity consulting in NJ, focusing on safeguarding digital assets akin to physical security measures. Their services include application security, disaster recovery, information security, network security, operational security, and employee education. They address a variety of cyber threats such as malware, phishing, ransomware, and DDoS attacks. 

Ascendant’s approach is to enhance productivity, reduce downtime, ensure compliance, maintain reputation, and provide expert assistance.

Network Doctor The cybersecurity firm in New Jersey

Network Doctor offers a multi-layered cybersecurity approach focusing on essentials like network and infrastructure defense, business continuity, user education, security auditing, detection and response, and advanced security measures. They emphasize the importance of a robust IT foundation, continuous employee training, and state-of-the-art security tools to prevent breaches. 

Their services are tailored to maintain business operations and compliance, ensuring long-term network security.

Exelegent The cybersecurity firm in New Jersey

Exelegent provides a comprehensive range of managed security services tailored to enhance security operations and reduce the likelihood of breaches. Their offerings include security framework adoption, firewall management, intrusion detection, VPNs, vulnerability scanning, and virus/malware detection, along with Security Identification Event Management (SIEM)

They specialize in both full management of security services and augmenting existing setups, catering to the specific needs of organizations.

InfoAxis The cybersecurity firm in New Jersey

Infoaxis provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to protect businesses from evolving cyber threats. They emphasize a security-first mindset and offer services backed by a US-based 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC). 

Their offerings include risk assessments, vulnerability and penetration testing, compliance gap analysis, and a range of remediation and enhancement services like cybersecurity roadmaps, threat intelligence, vendor risk management, incident response planning, and identity and access management.