Why Your MSP Needs To Partner With an MSSP for Managed SOC Services in 2023

The cyber landscape has evolved significantly in the last few years. In March of 2022 alone, cybercriminals hacked over 4 million records. As cyberattacks increase in complexity, so do the tools and techniques that are needed to mitigate them. That’s why business leaders are taking initiative in 2023 to fortify their security defenses.

One way businesses prepare against cyber threats is through partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to unlock access to security solutions like Security Operations Center (SOC) services. Thus there is an opportunity for more business if MSPs offer SOC services to their clients. However, SOC services are complex and require specialized knowledge to configure and maintain – and not to mention costly! 

Fortunately, a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) specializes in SOC services that can manage threats more effectively than an MSP alone. By partnering with an MSSP that offers SOC for MSPs, MSPs can boost their business offerings, while providing the most effective SOC services to their clients, helping businesses avoid falling into the pitfalls of the cyber landscape.

The Costs and Cons of Managing Your MSP’s Internal SOC Services

When it comes to security, MSPs frequently advertise to businesses, “You can’t do it all alone.” But MSPs are businesses too and can’t handle all security matters on their own. Plus, there are many layers of security that quickly become cumbersome for MSPs to manage, especially SOC services.

In-house SOC for MSPs also comes with several hidden costs that often lead to larger spending costs on labor and technology infrastructure.

The following costs must be covered in order to provide quality SOC services:

  • The hiring of specialized IT technicians in SOC.
  • The training and regular investment in security certifications for IT technicians.
  • Access to the right tools so expert IT technicians can detect anomalies and investigate threats quickly
  • The constant monitoring and updating of security protocols. which can often lead to larger spending costs on labor and technology infrastructure.

The Benefits of Outsourcing with an MSSP for SOC Services

Rather than managing SOC services in-house, outsourcing SOC services to an MSSP can save time and money for MSPs. MSSP SOC services offer the same high level of security as if it were managed in-house but without the added costs of hiring and training IT technicians.

When outsourcing SOC for MSPs, they can guarantee clients the following top security services:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • End-to-end SOC services
  • Real-time security alerts and reporting
  • Advanced threat analysis and forensics
  • Access to the latest SOC technologies

Outsourcing SOC for MSPs also allows MSPs to focus more on their core business offerings, rather than splitting attention between SOC management and other areas of the business. Additionally, outsourcing SOC for MSPs allows businesses to leverage the MSSP’s existing SOC infrastructure and SOC experts.

Simplify Your Workload and Expand Your Reach with CyOp

Avoid the hassle of managing SOC services in-house and expand your reach to more businesses by partnering with CyOp, an MSSP that provides SOC for MSPs. We make SOC management easy so you can focus on what’s important: delivering quality security services.

Our SOC for MSPs offers comprehensive SOC service packages designed to streamline processes and enable better incident response. We’ll provide you with the SOC experts and tools you need to ensure your clients have unparalleled protection from cyber threats.

Contact us today to learn more about how our SOC services can help guarantee your clients the most comprehensive security solutions available on the market!

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